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Big news: your two favorite software platforms have teamed up so you can create personalized experiences for every donor! Together we’ll help you connect directly with more supporters than ever before with automated outreach based on engagement, wealth, interest, and career data. 

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Aric Walton

We're constantly striving to use technology to create more personal touchpoints. Turning fresh data from EverTrue into one-on-one outreach via ThankView makes that easier than ever.

Aric Walton, Assistant Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations at Bowdoin College
Brooks Hull

By pairing this combination of data and technology we can reach more of our supporters and increase revenue while building a healthy long-term donor pipeline.

Brooks Hull, VP for University Advancement and Chief Executive Officer at Louisiana Tech University
Julie Featherstone

"This merger is brilliant and on the money for higher ed advancement shops focused on remodeling the ways we meet, engage, and steward our constituents."

Julie Featherstone, Associate VP for Advancement Operations at University of Virginia
Mark Koeing

"Our top priority is improving the experience of every donor at Oregon State. This merger means big things in that department by making it easier to communicate with, steward, and delight our donors."

Mark Koeing, Chief Innovation Officer and Vice President, Technology at Oregon State University Foundation

"This is a new way to create better relationships with our alumni, connect them back to St. Edward's, and raise more support for the Hilltop."

Cheri Sullivan, Associate Vice President of Advancement Operations at St. Edward's University

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ThankView?

In a world of cookie-cutter communications, ThankView helps 1,500+ universities and nonprofits create and share personalized videos to connect directly with their donors and community. With a 54% average open rate and a 31% average click-through rate, ThankView far surpasses the engagement of traditional email platforms to allow organizations to increase retention and build donor relationships that last. If you'd like to learn more, you can connect with one of our dedicated ThankView experts here!

What is EverTrue?

EverTrue is a company dedicated to serving advancement teams at independent schools, colleges, and universities across the United States. We work with more than half of the top institutions in the country to deepen donor relationships, retain donors, and increase gift revenue. By connecting your database with insights from across the web, EverTrue updates donor interests, wealth data, and career info to deliver the most information about every constituent in a mobile, easy-to-use fundraising platform. If you'd like to learn more, you can connect with one of our dedicated EverTrue experts here!

Why are the companies merging?

Uniting EverTrue and ThankView will improve the donor experience across the board. Together, we’ll help you connect directly with more supporters than ever before, enabling every advancement and donor relations team to create amazing donor experiences that drive engagement, increase gifts, retain donors, and build a major gift pipeline. The power of personalized video and deep donor insights connected by automation means a world of possibilities! Learn more about how this partnership will impact the fundraising sector here.

Will either company change its name?

Not at this time. We both have built wonderful communities around our companies and while we’ll be joining forces to make each of our platforms more powerful, we’ll continue to provide incredible experiences to our respective customers under our own brand names.

What does this mean for current customers and what are the benefits?

Current subscriptions and contracts will not change. The existing ThankView integration will also continue to pull video insights into EverTrue if you are a mutual customer. The integration of these two products will allow your teams to automate personalized outreach based on continually updated engagement, wealth, interest, and career data for alumni. In the coming months, our teams will be building more seamless integrations which will unlock new features, insights, filters, and triggers between both platforms to help you automate your donor engagement. Currently, we’re hard at work on Career Moves Plus, an integration that allows you to automate personalized outreach to congratulate alumni who recently changed jobs or received a promotion.

What is ThankView and EverTrue’s Career Moves Plus integration?

Career Moves is an existing EverTrue product that can update career data for your entire alumni body. EverTrue automatically feeds human-verified updates every 90 days from LinkedIn so institutions can stay in touch with graduates as they grow their careers. With the new Career Moves Plus, mutual ThankView customers can leverage that data to automatically congratulate alumni who recently changed jobs or received a promotion with a personalized video. In an early test to graduates who had changed jobs, staff at the Louisiana Tech University Foundation saw engagement increase by 300%!